Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents find qualified tutors through Wisdomstar Tuition Agency?

Parents can call us at 91269780 or email to Simply tell us your needs and requirements, and we will source and locate a suitable home tutor for you.

What are the rates for the tutors?

As a guide, the indicative hourly rates for different tutors / subject level are given below:

Level Current School Teachers
Ex-School Teachers
Full-Time Tutors Undergraduates
Primary $40-$50 per hour $30-$40 per hour $20-$30 per hour
Secondary $80-$100 per hour $40-$60 per hour $30-$40 per hou
JC $100-$120 per hour $60-$80 per hour $40-$60 per hour

Parents should be aware that certain private tutors may demand a much higher or lower rate. The exact fees can differ according to specific tuition job due to many such as the qualification of the tutors, tutors’ teaching experiences, area of tuition, number of subjects, and various other factors.

Do parents need to pay any agency fee to Wisdomstar Tuition Agency?

We provide free service to parents, because we will charge a 50% commission from the home tutors. There are no upfront fee and hidden costs on your side.

When will the commission be payable to Wisdomstar Tuition Agency and fees to the home tutors?

As a parent/student, you’ll pay the 50% tuition fees to our tuition agency after the 2nd lesson. After that, you’ll pay the fees directly to the private tutor. You can use online or ATM machine to transfer the fee to us. Of course, you may also choose to send us a cheque. Otherwise, we can send a despatch to collect the fees from you.

What if there is a dispute between the parent and the tutor?

It is advisable to call us immediately. We’ll look into the matter and replace another tutor for parents if necessary.

Can parents change the tutor?

Certainly. We understand that at times, it might be difficult for some kids to work along well with a particular tutor. Parents just need to give us a call and tell us about the situation. We will arrange a more suitable home tutor to fit parents’ requirements. Parents just need to pay for the tuition sessions that the tutor has conducted so far.

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